Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Boston Marathon 2009

For the 113th Boston Marathon I was stationed at Cleveland Circle in Brighton. Here are a few shots from the event:

Sang Ku Yoo of Seoul, Korea stops to have his picture taken by Boston Police officer Sheila O'Shea.

It's high fives for Brigette Sparks of Harker Heights, Texas as she cruises down Chestnut Hill Avenue.Robert Cheruiyot from the Nandi District in Kenya was last years winner and a favorite this year. He walked into Cleveland Circle in obvious distress.
He was taken to the hospital and later released in OK condition.
Mark Buckner (10874) from Sherman, Texas stops for a Coke and a kiss from his wife Sandy and then continues his run

Spectators cheer over 26,000 athletes from 60 countries who participate.
Stephen Wells from Quincy, Massachusetts takes a phone call ... uh can I call you back? I am running the Boston Marathon right now.

Erika Kullberg from Boston, Massachusetts is followed by a supporter.

A true patriot.
Ray Blum from Denver,CO (9081) - William Laforest, Duxbury,MA (8805) - Nora Maynard, Ann Arbor, MI (10521)
David Bluestein from Phoenix, AZ (11254)
Martin Schoell from Augsburg, Germany apparently has asperations after the marathon.
David Will (6465) from Marshfield Hills,MA is excited to have reached Cleveland Circle. To his right is Lauren Shaub (7492) from Wyomissing, PA

A U.S. Army group gets high fives from the crowd as the march in formation down Chestnut Hill Avenue
Theodore Stevens (2858) shows his patriotism as he runs the course

Richard Whitehead (8858) from Nottingham, Great Britain runs on hi-tech legs.
Deriba Merga (4) from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia sailed through Cleveland Circle and went on to win the marathon
The elite woman's pack strides to the cheers of the crowd
Steven Moody (6402) from Dublin, Ireland responds to the crowds cheers
Josh Cassicy (W17) is directed over the trolley tracks at Cleveland Circle
Michael Kirchner (26952) from Cologne, Germany makes the most of his Boston Marathon experience

As the 26,000+ marathoners run down one side of Chestnut Hill Avenue to make the turn onto Beacon Street. Traffic proceeds up the other side.

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