Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Over 133 people volunteer at the Wellesley (MA) Council on Aging. Today Tuesday, April 21, they were honored at a luncheon held in the Wellesley Community Center. Gayle Thieme, LSW the Director of Senior Services read a letter of appreciation that included either the first or last name of every volunteer.

I figured, it couldn’t hurst to sit and wright about the hills you’ve helped us climb over the last year! To be blount, it would be terrible to not have you. Through your volunteer work, you’ve tessted yourselves and though you may have been O’leary of our quirks, you have pressed on and Sarahficed and donnated your own time to servis others. In my eyes, you are the kings and queens of McCourt. Despite snow or Krisp cool days and ruthless wendy conditions, you have clairfully reifled your way to the COA! Your tarlints cohencide beautifully with the hodge podge of activities our clientele choose to pursue. You all deserve an award ! You are a fleet of troopers with high standards. You deserve to be pampered and glaurafied! I want to give each of you a rose! You’ve costas nothing! People fisher high and low to find volunteers like you who perform such plouffection! There is nothing skandalous or gross about the COA and we don’t make our volunteers take a pollygraph, so tell all your friends, cousins and that ol son of yours that hans down, the COA is a great place to volunteer, you’ve got nothing to lewis!

If you’ve been fannatasizing about tryan something new at the COA, cummin talk with me about the maryiad of options. Maybe I can introduce you to a nu gent or suggest a new opportunity for you to explore. Alisan here, there is nothing dummer than louisen out on something you want or being worrisome, so litten up…. use that andrenaline of yours and schulerly, you’ll be glad you didn’t let the opportunity pass you beyer.

Of course, the recent senior center debates made us all twitchell, it was the toughest war we ever shaw! We had been feeling frantic and eleanored, I mean - ignored… But, “Holly Smolski”… - “Oh by gosh baghailly Mihalsky”…., the bowers that be saw us through! “Rao-Shah - hiss boom bah!” “Jimminy Cricket!” You betty believe it, I am as proud as a peacock! Thank Godderidge! It did take a town to achieve this and we all ought to pause toussaint Billie Tolles! I think she is sagan our praises because this is a gajillian years overdue! Belise me when I tell you that this is a millstone for the COA! Soon we can kiss these barbaraic stark ages goodbye! We will look forward to a fancy- snancy briand new billding of our own, something we’ve been joansin for. Just think, a place for you all to millerbout and you cannava maura health and recreational activities at the loist cost possible! There could be a garden to grow herbs or buds on!

So, volunteers plisa hear me when I say to be frank, you have madden incredible impression on me and really should be patten yourselves on the back. Thank you and God bless!!!

Eddie Marando provided the entertainment.

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